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Starting an e-Liquid business in 2020

Wow! how do we start a post like this with the year we have had? Spending most of the year in lockdown in the grips of a worldwide pandemic with COVID-19? You couldn’t write this! Alas with dire circumstances and hardship, spending countless hours locked in your house with no access to a pub this could be the perfect time starting and e-liquid business in 2020. This is exactly the train of though we have taken in creating aVAPE and here we are launching what we hope is a successful business creating amazing tasting eliquids for the vape community, selling to shops and stores worldwide. We haven’t set our sights low, we are aiming to be the best. Take on the giants so to speak!

However, we decided to take a different and more personal approach to how we start this business and grow it. Instead of using our blog section to talk about guides and which flavours are best etc we are going to dedicate it to our journey from start to finish. Well be posting quite often about what we do and how we do it, we’ll talk about our mission and who we are, you’ll get to know the team inside and out and hopefully you’ll like us as much as you like our eliquids.

E-Liquid business Topics Covered in 2020

Some topics you can expect over the next few weeks for starting an e-liquid business in 2020, months and hopefully years.

Conception, how we came up with our ideas, flavours, branding, colour schemes and website design are just a few topics well touch. How we sourced design and manufacturing.

Marketing, how do we effectively market an eliquid business in 2020, how do we get traffic to our e-liquid store, how do we sell to other stores? how do we get sales? how do we build great followings on social media? all burning questions that need answering.

These are just a few but well cover much much more. You will be sick of us but you’ll love aVAPE and our journey. Stay tuned.

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