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10 Reasons to stop smoking in October 2020

Stoptober 2020 with aVAPE

October is fast approaching and with more people making the switch from smoking to vaping, This October seems like a very good time to kick the habit. If you have been smoking for a long time or you are struggling to kick the habit then here are 10 reasons to kick it in the butt.

  1. Save Money.
    Smoking is a ridiculously expensive habit and each year it gets more and more expensive. Its thought a 20-a-day smoker spends roughly £2000 a year on cigarettes. Not to mention the amount you giveaway to your mates or to people passing you on the street! The best way is to imagine what you could do with that extra £2000 a year. Buy some new clothes? Go on holiday? the list is endless.

    If you are thinking of making the switch from smoking to vaping, you can expect to spend around £500 a year on vape kits and e-liquids, this is a massive saving of approx. £1500!

  2. Smell Better.
    Lets get this right.. Smoking stinks! You’ll all know the tell tale sign of a smoker when you smell that dull musky stale stench. Not only do you smell, your hair smells, your clothes smell and your breath smells. According to recent data since the start of coronavirus in the UK around 1million people have kicked the habit. That’s great news for all your tinder and bumble dates and you’ll also save money on chewing gum and mouthwash in the process. Think about you and others.

  3. Eyesight.
    Smoke gets in your eyes, its unavoidable. Things were made better when the smoking ban was introduced and you were no longer allowed to smoke in enclosed space. If you still smoke at home or in your car you’ll surely have felt that gritty sensation in your eyes either at the time or the day after? the prolonged exposure and smoking have been linked to eye disease and blindness! again best save your eyesight for driving and Tinder.

  4. Your Health.
    We’ve all seen the warnings on packaging and TV adverts for how smoking affects your health and your body. They are there for a reason, because smoking is harmful to your health. I know It’s not easy to take this all in when you savour that morning cigarette with your coffee but all the evidence is there. This should really be the biggest reason to give up smoking for good.

    Tobacco smoke contains many harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide just to name a few. Smoking has been linked to many health problems such as heart disease, COPD, various cancers, strokes, osteoporosis and even impotence. Scary stuff. Stopping smoking now will decrease the risks of suffering from these medical conditions massively.

  5. The Health of others around you.
    Smoking isn’t only bad for you, Its also harmful to those around you. Second-hand smoke or passive smoking can affect those close to you as they will be at risk of inhaling the harmful chemicals associated with smoking. So think twice about smoking in the car with your young children or in your house with an elderly relative. Giving up your smoking addiction to help those you cherish will give you a great feeling of achievement.

    Again, if you are thinking of switching to vaping for this reason then you can be happy knowing that your second-hand vape smoke will not be as harmful to those around you. Vaping does not contain any of the harmful chemicals included in tobacco.

  6. Vanity Reasons
    Everyone loves how they look right? Takes care in their appearance? Smoking can cause premature aging of the skin and can give you that haggard look. Take a look at someone who smokes and they’ll look like a shrivelled orange! The change in yourself is slow and unnoticeable to you. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. A single cigarette could cut blood supply to your skin for up to an hour., it also dry’s out your nostrils so you spend more time picking bats out of the cave than usual. It also stains your teeth and causes bad breath. This is a great reason to kick the habit in itself.

  7. Be More Social
    Enjoy going out for a few drinks with friends or for a nice cheeky meal? Its great nipping outside for a smoke with your smoker friends but what about those that don’t smoke? an other people you may meet in a pub or restaurant? You will inevitable be blowing that smoke, the bad smell or harmful chemicals in their general direction, much like a bad fart! Think about your friends. No doubt in these times the majority of your friends will have already kicked the habit and switched to vaping great juicy eliquid.

  8. Feel Better.
    Give up smoking and you will instantly start to feel the benefits for your health, linking the reasons above. You’ll have more money, look better, feel better, smell better, your friends will like you more and you’ll be more social. You will also breath better, teeth will be less smoke stained, your lungs will appreciate the extra oxygen and you’ll be less likely to suffer from any of the common linked diseases.

    In all seriousness though, after a few days you’ll notice better breathing and better sleeping, after a few weeks the tar will be expelled from your lungs and they will start to heal, you’ll start to feel more energetic and generally just a lot healthier. This is another belting reason to kick in the smoking habit.

  9. Fertility and Pregnancy.
    This is a biggie, no one likes the thought of their junk not working. This is 2 reasons in itself really on why you should think about giving up. Fertility is decreased by smoking and you are less likely to have that lively sperm and more likely to get impotence. Its also been linked to cause issues in pregnancy and complications with babies before they are fully developed and after. If you are thinking of starting a family or you are already on your way think about giving up and saving your fertility and your children.

  10. Your Family.
    This one is last because lets face it all the reasons above are pretty selfish but it is probably the one that will hit home the most. If you don’t think any of the reasons above are good enough for you to get of the cigs then lets think about this, your family, your friends and your loved ones. At one point in the future or not so distant future suffering from any one of the 100’s of medical conditions linked to smoking, think how this would affect your family should something devastating happen to you

And that’s it, we think we have listed 10 good reasons to give up smoking. Their effects and their benefits and wed like you to take a moment just to reflect on those and how they affect not only you but also your loved ones. Take it from experience, I kicked in a 15 year habit and gave up relatively early compared to many others. I can fully attribute my success to switching to vape and swapping the tobacco for e-liquids, you have to take the achievements whatever your reasons or your choices.

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